OWF 2017 Audience Choice Winners





"Love Is Love" by Junius Frey

"Love Is Love" captures the essence and spirit of young love. These portraits embody the universal message of the song's title.

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That's My DJ

Each Season of That’s My DJ follows a different character within the electronic music scene in Toronto. From heartbeat to heartbreak, chasing dreams and chasing highs, it’s an unapologetic look at music, cliques and artists all trying to find their place within the new order of rave.




Hawaiian Snap


Justin has been missing ever since he took advantage of his honeymoon trip to Hawaii, ALONE. These are believed to be the moments leading up to his disappearance.

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Frankie LaPace & Alexandra Nader make up the irreverent comedy sketch duo who happen to have both been born from mothers by the name of Rosa. ! In RosaBaby Comedy's first comedic short film, two best friends are propositioned by a beautiful stranger in a bar.