OWF 2017 Screenings

Downtown Independent




Saturday, May 13, 2017

1:00 - 2:00PM


Take Me to the Sea

Handsome Girl

Sex. Love. Jealousy. Travel. Music. A story in the age of Snapchats and Tinder swipes. Two friends travel from Los Angeles to Berlin to launch their new musical project, Handsome Girl. In Berlin, anything can happen and usually does, but will their friendship survive?

A young adult experiencing everyday discomfort with the gender they were assigned at birth must address their dysphoria head on when it manifests as a sinister, humanoid monster.



New York City Smells

Isonade is a short with original music by Atlanta music/film outfit Cinema Novo that shines a harsh light on the concerning truth of same-sex domestic violence. Drawing from real life experiences, Isonade depicts a transformational and tragic relationship that is statistically and alarmingly common.

This is an experimental short film project that consisted of 13 production members from different nationalities. All stories are adapted by real characters, with the story of the way people expressing the smells of the city



A Circle of Diamonds

iH8U photo.png

Leonardo Martinez's latest video featuring his signature brand of energetic and on-point pop style.

An original song inspired by and featuring marriage activist Edie Windsor. Edie witnesses a musical scene where two young women reenact Thea’s proposal to her in the 1960’s - when marriage between 2 women was not an option. A celebration of the enduring power of love!


"Dirty Dream" by KIN4LIFE

"Get Down" by Jessie Standafer

A new day is upon us, and hip hop’s answer to the question “what happened to the female rap game” is here. Blessed with the lyrical prowess to compete with the hottest emcees in the business, and being touted as the female version of The Neptunes, the female duo KIN4LIFE is a force to be reckoned with. Together as a group for ten years and friends for over fifteen, Nor and IQ have solidified their family ties and KIN4LIFE has never had a truer meaning. 

“Get Down” is a music video that tells a story of the joy & pride possible in the LGBTQ identity. Having moved through the pain & uncertainty of coming out, Jessie is unabashedly gay and ready to celebrate being fully true to herself. This has been called the gay anthem of the summer, inspiring all people to embrace their identity - and throw a pool party about it!


"Love Is Love" by Junius Frey


"Love Is Love" captures the essence and spirit of young love. These portraits embody the universal message of the song's title.

Rebels Only_poster_15.png

Rebels Only showcases the talent and spectacle of the dynamic glam rock/pop performer, Ricky Rebel. Featuring appearances by the Boulet Brothers and Vander Von Odd, this documentary mixes Ricky's breathtaking live performances with behind the scenes footage of his 2017 US tour. 

Lord Help Me

Alsace Carcione is a female songwriter, performer, emcee and musician born and raised in Portsmouth, VA.  Currently residing in Dallas, TX she has singlehandedly demanded her spot as a prominent and elite artist.  She exudes confidence and her music is multifaceted in so many ways.  Alsace Carcione is the eptiome of a Cryptic Conundrum on the journey to create another Embryonic Paradigm.

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Saturday, May 13, 2017




Different for Girls

Different for Girls is a groundbreaking, sexy LGBTQ 5 part drama webseries written & created by Jacquie Lawrence, produced by Fizz Milton and directed by Campbell X and shot by Oona Menges. This is world of long-term relationships, family, children, secret affairs, same-sex marriage, lesbian & gay co-parenting, friendships and LGBT people afraid to come out. The cast includes Rachel Shelley, Charlie Hardwick, Nimmy March, Jake Graf, Sarah Soetaert, Victoria Broom, Toby Sawyer, Caroline Whitney Smith, Topher Campbell, Helen Oakleigh, Tuyen Do, Sophie Ottley, Guinevere Turner and Craig Robert Young.

In this queer Faustian allegory, a middle-aged gay man, resenting his lost youth and feeling that the contributions of his generation go unappreciated and forgotten by the youth of today, decides to end it all. In his poisoned state, he is confronted by a mischievous demon with a dangerous proposition. A poetic take on generational divides, the importance of remembering our history, and the relentless march of time.


Blue Boys

I Don't Like HerE

Based on real events, this story is about Andre, a teenager who's searching for his place in the world while fighting a battle with his religious family and his schoolmates. He found a shelter in Diego, but this love may not be what his mother wants for his life.

Eli has been involved in a personality dualism and regardless of her constant disagreemets with here fathr'she stil seeks her true nature


That's My DJ

Each Season of That’s My DJ follows a different character within the electronic music scene in Toronto. From heartbeat to heartbreak, chasing dreams and chasing highs, it’s an unapologetic look at music, cliques and artists all trying to find their place within the new order of rave.



Sunday, May 14, 2017



Silver Studded Blue

Silver Studded Blue is a portrait-of-a-person style piece exploring themes of the fluidity of identity, gender and beauty. The film follows a night in the life of a drag queen by the name of Silver Studded Blue, who is inspired by butterflies; the metamorphosis they go through and the freedom they find. 


Behind the scenes of the most unusual model agency in the world, challenging the concept of beauty and what it takes to be a "model."

*360 degree film experience screening in the Lobby


Hawaiian Snap


The first 3D-animated short from solo filmmaker Lukas Xuereb, 'Unrequited' is set in the dying hours of a wedding reception, where our melancholic hero comes to the personal realisation that he has fallen in love with his best mate.

Justin has been missing ever since he took advantage of his honeymoon trip to Hawaii, ALONE. These are believed to be the moments leading up to his disappearance.


All About Love


Short documentary film.

We decided to call-out the less visible and seemingly innocent discourses that minimize romantic love between women. PHASE is a two-pronged [film + poem] response to those who tell queer women "it's just a phase."



Thirst For Love

My intention with this short documentary is to educate Iranians about the LGBTQ community in Los Angeles because LGBTQ's in Iran don't have the same social/political/artistic freedom as gay Iranians in LA. This film is meant to educate and inspire Iranians with the intention to stimulate a new dialogue around the LGBTQ community in Iran. 

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Sunday, May 14, 2017 – 4:15-5:15PM


Carlie & Doni: Your Mom Says Hi!

Your Mom Says Hi! Is a Sketch Comedy Show starring Best Friends, Carlie Mantilla, a half Mexican straight girl & Doni Carley, a lesbian from Idaho. The show parodies contemporary culture from a fresh and unique perspective while maintaining a positive message. 


Comedian Matthew Nouriel brings to life his alter ego, Khanoom Fereshteh Shoorkhakianian, the Persian-American Empress, as she struggles with the burdens of being so damn fabulous. This is...Persianality.

Tales From Pussy Willow

For Actors

'For actors' is a Sketch comedy about the struggles of acting, using random things as metaphors.

Down in Pussy Willow a challenging conversation is happening between two generations.




Frankie LaPace & Alexandra Nader make up the irreverent comedy sketch duo who happen to have both been born from mothers by the name of Rosa. ! In RosaBaby Comedy's first comedic short film, two best friends are propositioned by a beautiful stranger in a bar. 

Merce is a hilarious original musical comedy series about a middle-aged, HIV-positive man living in New York City. He is unashamedly and flamboyantly gay, a Pollyanna who sees some events in his life through an MGM lens. "Merce" is bawdy, outrageous and fun, proving that life can be positive when you're positive!



Other People's People

An ensemble comedy about the intersecting and competing loves, lies and indiscretions of three couples in Brooklyn, NY.

Anita, a strong willed and independent chef on the rise in the city, meets Mayank, an asperger-y super-dork with a lovable charm. And by meet, we mean Mayank lets himself into her apartment and waits by her bed until she wake’s up! It’s okay though because it’s Mayank.  Through a series of events, we find out that Mayank is gay and actually wants to marry Anita because he can’t tell his parents and wants to continue his relationship with his boyfriend, Pietier. Anita also finds out she needs Mayank because her if she doesn’t get married her parents will take away her inheritance and with that she won’t be able to open her own restaurant.